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Padro & Casas is a family-run Spanish textile firm founded in1939 focused exclusively on polyester, polyester viscose, cotton, wool, jacquards for women.

Always a step ahead in technology, innovation and quality, our aim is to satisfy and anticipate the needs of our clients which, combined with an active and youthful spirit, has positioned the company among the best in the European sector today. Season after season, the in-house creative team develops new products and designs to offer a wide range of options that go beyond the Spanish market to serve clients in several countries including Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Latin America.


Padro & Casas was created with a strongly ingrained philosophy, a commitment to design and quality. Creation and innovation are our priority and the key factors to satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients.

A practiced eye for design and uniqueness are essential values that are woven into our collections.


Padro & Casas works from 3000m2 of industrial premises comprising warehouse and office area located in Sabadell, 20 minutes from Barcelona. Our commercial office is spread over 250m2, providing a spacious and comfortable environment for departments to work together and ensure effective and agile results. The manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology available on the market, and our warehouse dispatches weekly deliveries to all our clients.



We offer a wide variety of top quality fabrics, with collections that range from prints to plain designs adapted to the trends and requirements observed with each new season. Our highly experienced creative team is exceptionally well prepared to help our clients create and develop their own bespoke collections.


Our 170, 200 and 240 gram/m2 cotton satins in a variety of finishes (Kenia, Florida, Veluto ….) are already an established benchmark in the Spanish market. Finely suited to dresses, jackets and trousers, they stand out for their exceptional quality and elegant touch and are available in plain and print.  


We have over 20 years of experience working with polyester articles. Throughout this period, our main objective has been investment in R&D to ensure exclusive articles at a premium quality and reasonable prices.


In the early 90’s we pioneered the manufacture of the famous “ARMANI” in rayon/acetate. This successful achievement has reinforced our experience in double fabric, and today we are able to offer the most advanced variations and designs.


We print all our own polyester and cotton articles and our signature designs are known for their monochromatic palette and predominant use of dots, stripes, small geometric figures, florals… that evoke simplicity in its finest form. Our print bases are always in stock so we can offer agile service or alternatively, work closely with our clients to create exclusive custom designs.



To fulfil our clients’ expectations, it’s essential for us to supervise every step of the production process for each article. This guarantees maximum quality and service on delivery. All our team coordinates closely from reception to completion of the order with ocular, manual and chemical controls throughout to ensure the standards of quality agreed with our clients.





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